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The carving of character through caring of the soul…

The philosophy that Sarti Devi Raja Ram Public School abides by is to ensure an educational environment that is child-centred and the ‘learning journey’ of each and every child is a blissful one. Therefore in every parent-teacher gathering we endeavour to discover every child’s distinctive qualities and nurture them to the maximum scope possible. Also, the academic studies are balanced with overall development so that the child can progress to the next class in the short run and blossom as a confident adult in the long run.

Sarti Devi Raja Ram Public School believes in the proven ‘activity-based learning’ model which is the central force behind CBSE’s success. The school ensures that the class strength is less so that students can take full advantage of this advanced teaching methodology. In short, we believe that marks and academic percentages are important but should not be considered the end-all of education.

Sarti Devi Raja Ram Public School believes

  • Every individual deserves respect
  • Each individual has unique potential that can be developed
  • Diversity enriches a community
  • All experiences in life are opportunities to learn
  • Learning is an ongoing process and is not confined to textbooks or classrooms
  • Character development is integral to good education

Mentoring through modern methods and motivations… In any educational institution, the teachers are its pillars of strength. The management of Sarti Devi Raja Ram Public School acknowledges the significance of this and therefore the teachers are selected not only for outstanding academic credentials (a must) but great consideration is also given to other qualities like integrity, critical thinking and the love of knowledge. This results in teachers who care about each student’s well being and growth, not only in the classroom, but also on the playing field, on the stage, in the society, and as individuals. Teachers are also given enough time to get used to the Sarti Devi Raja Ram Public way of teaching, its philosophy and its ‘Activity Based Teaching’ methodology.

We insist that our faculty use real-world situations, thought-provoking problems and involving lessons to give students a well-balanced up-to-date education designed for mastery of basic skills through inquiry. Emphasis is placed on the development of insight and not on rote learning. Committed to the development of a well groomed personality, our teachers ensure that each and every child gets the academic and the extra-curricular opportunities required to develop a sense of confidence and achievement. At Sarti Devi Raja Ram Public School we maintain healthy and ideal teacher-student ratio which results in close relationship between teacher and students. This ensures a friendly and positive emotional atmosphere for all involved. As a CBSE curriculum based school, Sarti Devi Raja Ram Public lays a strong foundation for students and prepares them for national and international level exams such as IIT-JEE, EAMCET, AIEEE, TOEFL, GRE etc.