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SDRR Public School is based on a house system and every pupil belongs to a house. The students of the school are allotted one of the four houses (i.e. Tagore, Gandhi, Nehru, Subhash). The house system is an integral part of the school and helps to co-ordinate various activities. Each house is placed under a House master and House tutors and a band of house prefects, who are directly responsible for the discipline and general well being for the members of the house.

There is friendly rivalry in keenly contested inter house sports and extra curricular competitions such as music (vocal and instrumental), dance (traditional and western), debates and quiz. However, the overall ethos of the school outweighs local differences between houses.

The house system in the school provides ‘maximum opportunities in maximum activities’ to the students so that their latent talent is surfaced and subsequently nurtured to blossom.