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Thought Angle From The Principal:

“Britishers to Vivekanand : Cant you wear proper clothes to be a gentleman?

Vivekanand : In your culture dress makes gentleman but in our culture character makes gentleman”.

Dear Parents and Students,

Think about the above statement and give a deep thought, I firmly believe that only character can make you gentleman nothing else and for making good character two of the few ingredients are discipline and study. For the same we are committed upon any extent.


We want our pupils to love coming here and to go from here prepared for all that human life has to offer, that we are honestly trying to do. We are fortunate that we have the best of real commitment and relationships of trust and understanding between the school and the parents. And beyond all that, there is a life that could not of work, but of sport and music and drama and debating and educational trips and leisure time activities and celebrations etc. we and fulfillment of our children.

Education is the most important factor social and economic transformation of society. The school as an institution remains the best means of transferring the wealth of traditions from one generation to the next. To me each school envisions creating among their learners ‘thinking individuals’ who see service of society as their highest life goal.

True education needs to build real learning rather then arrogance, make the mind mightier rather than blowing wind into it and instead of exaggerated and competitive learners create collaborative leaders geared towards social goals and good citizenship.

In spirit school ensures that every child is nurtured holistically.

Let’s use our present wisely.

Wishing you all a wonderful academic session ahead and lots of success and happiness.


Mrs. Madhu Sharma,